Capcom Almost Skipped Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in the West

The team was too focused on Monster Hunter World, but fan outcry made it happen

Posted by Ashley King on July 23, 2018

Monster Hunter XX debuted on the Switch in Japan last year, prompting many fans to ask Capcom when the West would be getting the game. It turns out, the company originally had no plans to port the 3DS game to Switch for Western audiences, but outspoken and vocal fans made it happen.

According to Shintaro Kojima, the producer of the game, his team was still working on Monster Hunter: World once the Switch version of the game was wrapped up. However, with outspoken fans asking when the game would receive localization in other regions, Capcom decided to look into it.

The Monster Hunter production team was working on Monster Hunter: World after the release of Monster Hunter XX in Japan. But there was a great demand for a western version, so we decided to take it to the West.

That just goes to show the power of fans for a series. The Sonic Mania reboot owes its success to its fans, as well. Will you be picking up Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch when it releases on August 28th?

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