Civilization 6 Coming to Nintendo Switch this November

2K Games has confirmed a Switch version is on the way with 4 content packs included.

Posted by Ashley King on September 7, 2018

Despite the Nintendo Direct for yesterday being delayed due to an earthquake, new game announcements are rolling out left and right. Today 2K Games confirmed Civilization VI is headed to the Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018.

According to the game's official website, the Switch release will feature the "latest game updates and improvements, and four additional pieces of content that adds new civilizations, leaders, and scenarios." The four packs included in this version of the game are the Vikings, Poland, Australia, and the Persia and Macedon pack.

Players can help colonize Australia in Outback Tycoon, defend Poland from invaders in Jadwiga's Legacy, plunder Europe as a Viking in Vikings, Raiders, and Traders or conquer the world as Alexander the Great in the Conquests of Alexander pack.

The website confirms the Nintendo Switch version of the game will feature four player co-op and compete in wireless local multiplayer.

The game received a Rise and Fall expansion in February 2018, however this content is not included in the base Switch version. Expect to see it as DLC at a later date.

Hopefully this paves the way for more 2K Games other than their sports line-up, personally I would love to see the X-COM series make the jump to Nintendo Switch. What do you think?

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