Dead Cells selling four times better on Switch vs. PS4

A marketer for Dead Cells has revealed the Switch version is much more popular than the PS4 version.

Posted by Ashley King on September 6, 2018

Dead Cells is performing four times better on the Nintendo Switch compared to the PlayStation 4, according to a new report.

Over the PAX West weekend, Destructoid's Kevin McClusky spoke with a marketer behind the release of Dead Cells and learned that console customers seem to prefer the Nintendo Switch as their favored platform for the game. McClusky says no concrete numbers were provided, but the marketer said Switch sales outpaced PS4 sales "by a factor of four-to-one."

This just proves that the true power of the Switch is its handheld nature that allows you to take your favorite games with you on the go. As I've gotten older and find myself having less time to sit down in front of the the TV and enjoy games, the Switch has become my primary gaming device.

The Switch version of Dead Cells is truly phenomenal, despite the occasional stuttering problems it can exhibit when lots of action happens on the screen. Developer Motion Twin says they're working on a patch to fix those issues.


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