Reggie: Hollow Knight is doing exceptionally well on Switch

NoA president attributes this to instant availability after the E3 presentation

Posted by Ashley King on June 28, 2018

Perhaps the biggest surprise for many at this year's E3 was the instant availability of Hollow Knight. It is a title I have avoided picking up on PC or PS4 due to wanting to be able to experience it on Switch and I am so glad I waited. Not only do Switch owners get all the amazing DLC included in the package, but it seems as though the game has been a great success for both Team Cherry and Nintendo.

Waypoint recently sat down with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss this year's E3 presentation and how it was different from last year's. One of the main focuses of this conversation was how Nindies impacted the launch of the Switch and how they continue to propel unit sales. Reggie admits that Nindies were a big driver for the early success of the Switch and that they will continue to play a big impact on the Switch going forward.

Hollow Knight was announced for Switch in January 2017 at the console's big reveal, before the Switch was made available to purchase later in March. The absence of the title over the past year has left some gamers feeling antsy, as anticipation for the game increased the more Team Cherry went silent about whether the game would be released. Perhaps that's why the surprise availability announcement was so refreshing, since gamers have waited nearly a year to play the Metroidvania masterpiece.

This year we were fortunate. We were able to announce effectively at the close of the Direct that Hollow Knight would be available. And so there, the consumer is able to get at it right away. And I can tell you that Hollow Knight on Switch is doing exceptionally well. And so you know, every E3 is different but the core philosophies are consistent.

That's great news for fans of the Metroidvania genre and indie games in general, since Hollow Knight is definitely a stand-out title and a must-have for any platforming game lover.

Hollow Knight is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99, with a phsyical release version expected at a later date.

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