Japan's love affair with Splatoon 2

Ever wondered just how popular Splatoon is in Japan? The attach rate for Splatoon 2 is over 56% more than a year after launch.

Posted by Ashley King on July 31, 2018

Japanese outlet Dengeki Online has reported some interesting information surrounding the sales of Splatoon 2 in Japan. The game originally launched in Japan on July 13, 2017, with an attach rate of 55.68%. Attach rate refers to the total number of Switch owners in that region who have also bought the game. That means at launch, 1 in 2 Japanese Switch owners purchased Splatoon 2.

However, the more amazing thing is that the attach rate has only lowered marginally in the year since the title was first released. DO reports that the attach rate for Splatoon 2 in July 2018 is 53.5%, which is only a few percent lower than launch and still above 50%. That means for every two Switch consoles sold in Japan, someone will buy a copy of Splatoon 2 with it. That's crazy!


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