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Reggie says the Nintendo 3DS is a gateway system for Switch

Nintendo believes it is the perfect device for young kids before they graduate to the Nintendo Switch

Japan is getting three more New 2DS XL designs later this year

Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 7, and Minecraft designs coming to Europe, too

Retro Studios employees not happy with direction of the studio

Many anonymous reports say half the studio is waiting for Nintendo to shut it down

Namco Museum Arcade PAC announced exclusively for Switch

Play classic Namco games like Dig Dug, Galaga, Pac-Man and more

Crash UK sales outpace Nintendo's last three Switch titles

It's the fastest selling Switch game in the UK this year

Unruly Heroes coming to Switch in Q4 2018

A co-op action adventure inspired by a famous Chinese legend

The Switch just got a keyboard accessory in Japan

Joy-Cons attach to either side of this accessory made for chatting online

Nintendo files for new GameCube and Fire Emblem trademarks

Several smaller games and a few renewing trademarks for the NES were also filed this week

Hackers are now hardmodding their Switch to run homebrew

A small switchboard is used to bypass Nintendo's protections for running homebrew software

The Crash port for Switch doesn't stack up well against the Xbox & PS4 version

Toys for Bob handled the Switch port, which appears to leave out plenty of remastered goodies

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Get New Amiibo

Nintendo's Japanese site confirms new amiibo for fighters left out last time

Celeste is getting a physical release on Switch

Developer confirms he's working on it, but no release date yet

Temtem developers showcase the game running on Switch

Pokemon-like monster catching MMO game has about 40 hours left for funding

Broforce is coming to Nintendo Switch

No release date for the run-and-gun platformer, however

Nintendo president says the company is looking into a 3DS successor

Nothing concrete but he believes the 3DS had advantages over the Switch

Nintendo files for new trademarks for Splatoon & Super Smash Bros.

At least one trademark revolves around Super Smash Bros. controllers

Ubisoft CEO: Expect more collaboration between Ubisoft & Nintendo

CEO says the relationship between the two companies is very strong

How well does Wolfenstein II perform on Switch?

Digital Foundry's analysis found a solid 30fps with dynamic resolution scaling

Best Screen Protector for Switch

Protect your screen from dock scratches by applying a tempered glass screen protector

Bethesda will continue to make Switch games

Todd Howard confirms the company is pleased with Switch sales with more games coming

Pro Controller vs. PowerA Character Controller

At less than half the cost of the Pro Controller, is the PowerA worth it?

4 New Playable Characters Coming to Mario Tennis Aces

Those of you still waiting for Shy Guy are gonna be disappointed

Snipperclips stage coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

New music from the hit party game has appeared on the SSBU website

Switch pirates are attempting to charge for pirate firmware

Running an unlicensed version might brick your console

Docked vs. undocked Switch play-time about even

Nintendo VP confirms his company monitors docked status

Hollow Knight sales booming on Switch

Reggie attributes instant availability to sales boom

Octopath Traveler will not feature DLC

The game's producer says it is a finished product