Salt & Sanctuary gets release date for Nintendo Switch

The 2D Dark Souls-like is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch this August.

Posted by Ashley King on July 28, 2018

Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, indie game fans have been clamoring to ask their favorite devs if they have plans for a Switch version. Ska Studios got their fair share of interest for Salt & Sanctuary on Switch, enough that they've hired porting studio Blitworks to help make it a reality. This is one game I was hoping would make the jump from PlayStation console exclusive to Switch, so I'm happy to see this.

The game itself is a bit divisive with its graphics, but fans of Dark Souls and other Souls-like games should keep a close eye on this one. The menu system will feel very familiar, as well as the bonfire resting and unlocking shortcuts to make backtracking easier on the map. The boss fights are also pattern-based, but some of them are more frustrating than anything else.

There's a New Game+ mode for when you finally beat the game, so there's plenty of variety here. You can pick the game up on Nintendo Switch on Thursday, August 2nd for $17.99. A physical version is planned as well, but no information was given about its release date. Will you be checking it out or are you gonna pass on this one?

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