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Ninty Today is a small blog dedicated to covering Nintendo news, accessories, and reviews. I manage the site in my free time and sometimes it can be a struggle to balance my freelance work with the work I do on NT. If you've enjoyed my game and accessory reviews in the past and want to see those continue, consider supporting me in some small way. I want to keep Ninty Today ad-free because I believe advertising hinders the user experience and makes sites objectively worse.

Here's a couple ways you can help.

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If you use Square's Cash app, you can send any amount directly to me using my Cash Tag, $overlordror. Be sure to include a note so I know who it's from!

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Our current montezation method is through the Amazon Affiliates program, which gives us a small (usually 1% in the video games category) percentage of your sale for referring you. If you plan on purchasing games from Amazon anyway, doing so by using any of the links you find on NT helps out a lot.

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