Unruly Heroes coming to Switch in Q4 2018

A co-op action adventure inspired by a famous Chinese legend

Posted by Ashley King on July 2, 2018

Magic Design Studios has revealed new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title, Unruly Heroes. The game is based on the famous Chinese legend "A Journey to the West", which seems to be a popular source material for games, movies, and TV shows recently. The game is a 2D action adventure game that feels similar to Frostbyte's Trine, but with a co-op twist.

Players can choose to play entirely solo, swapping between the heroes at will as you do in the Trine series, or you can play fully co-op with four players. You'll need to mix and match characters to solve puzzles throughout the game and the developers have teased some amazing boss fights. The graphic style reminds me heavily of Rayman Legends, but that's a good thing.

Players will need to solve puzzles, perform challenging platforming jumps, and even possess some enemies to gain their powers. The developers have also teased a PVP mode that hasn't been shown off yet, but given the setting it seems like it would be a Smash-like experience. The expected release date is Q4 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What do you think of this?

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