This USB-C dongle brings Bluetooth Audio to the Switch

Kickstarter has surpassed funding goal many times over

Posted by Ashley King on July 14, 2018

Let's face it, voice chat on the Nintendo Switch sucks, especially if you want to use your Bluetooth headset with the device. There's no way to pair it directly without using a USB stick inserted on the dock somewhere, or a weird mod that requires being attached to the Switch. That's where the Genki comes in.

Genki is a USB-C Bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Switch that makes it possible to pair the Switch with your favorite Bluetooth audio devices with no dock needed. It supports up to two headsets connected at once, so both you and your friend are getting the full audio experience.

The latency of the adapter is estimated to be around 40ms, which isn't much lag at all. The best part? Because there's no battery required for the device, it won't brick your Nintendo Switch. It pulls power directly from the Switch itself.

Genki as an idea was born to solve the frustration of audio latency between the headphone jack workarounds that are currently available for Bluetooth audio on Switch. Multiple conversions from digital to analog and back again create noticeable latency, which can be a killer in games like Fornite where it is important that audio be in-sync with the action.

The project's initial ask was $30,000 and that has been met several times over. At the time of writing the project has surpassed $370,000 in funding and most of the early bird specials are gone. You can get the Genki adapter by itself for $39, or for $49 you can get the device with a dock adapter. Will you be pledging?

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