How well does Wolfenstein II perform on Switch?

Digital Foundry found a solid 30fps performer with dynamic resolution

Posted by Ashley King on June 30, 2018

Now that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is available on Nintendo Switch, Digital Foundry has run the game through its paces to discover exactly how well the port performs on the Switch's portable hardware. It's pretty impressive to be able to play a full AAA shooter like Wolfenstein on the go and Bethesda deserves some props for making it happen. Here's the run-down on Wolfenstein II Switch performance.

Digital Foundry discovered the game has dynamic resolution that ranges between 1280 X 720 down to 640 X 360 in both handheld and docked mode. The usual docked res is 1280 X 720, but they occasionally spotted blips of intense action where the resolution is lowered to 768 X 432 or 640 X 360. The game runs at a solid 30fps, just like Doom. In fact, the framerate for Wolfenstein II is more stable than Doom because Bethesda focused on maintaining fps rather than resolution.

They do note that New Orleans sees some fps drops once you get there, down to the 22fps range, but this is the only point of contention for big fps drops in the game. Additionally, the Wolfenstein 3D mini-game apparently runs at half-speed because of the 30FPS lock.

Textures, shadows, and effects take a hit when the dynamic resolution is at its lowest, but Digital Foundry notes that per-object motion blur, volumetric lighting, and ambient occlusion are still present in the game.

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